About Us


What we do?

We are a boutique of artisanal cotton products. Founded 26 years ago with the goal of preserving Guatemalan culture, its land, its natural colors, and its motifs. To do that, we grow and cultivate native pre-hispanic color cotton. The thread derived from our cotton does not suffer any dyeing process. We work with artisans around Guatemala to create refreshing, contemporary decorative pieces, home decor, fashion accessories and bespoke versions of traditional patterns and techniques.

Community Impact & Legacy

We are a social business we sell goods and services in the open market, with our artisans handmade work. this allow to improve our artisans life chances, support their communities and help the environment. 

 We are currently having a third-generation of weavers, our artisan’s are teaching their children their legacy. They don’t need to come to the city to find a job, they can learn the traditional craft, finish university and make a living.


Our Philosophy

Our ethical pursuit is to produce mindfully objects rather than to consume mindlessly. Cultural preservation by recovering native Ixcaco, Cuyuscate and Jade cotton that was almost extinct in the 90’s.  From the collaboration with “The new denim project”  we use upcycle denim for all our tones of blues.

“We do not produce objects for status or vanity, but to meet a purpose from within.  Objects do not fill, they fulfill.  Our objects carries intention” Intention to preserve and celebrate our culture and our homes.


Our History

In 1994 the Company was set up by two visionaries lovers of the textile culture and the magic of local handwoven.

Preserve the tradition of the weaving in Guatemala. “That was the original vision of my mother (Maria Luz Gonzalez). My father (Horacio Villavicencio) wanted to preserve the brown color of the cotton which the Mayan people used to weave their clothes. Together, they combined their visions to create Algodones Mayas”.  – CEO Luisa Villavicencio

Today, the company keeps the same principles innovating in designs as well as the creation of new products that meet the needs of international markets. The name Wayil means “Native” in indigenous language referencing the native origin of the raw materials and the hands that weave each piece.