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Ethical & Artisanal Scarf - Linear B&W

Ethical & Artisanal Scarf - Linear B&W

Natural cotton and natural volcanoes go hand in hand with this fabulous creation. A handmade scarf attentively knitted by Wayil by Algodones Mayas’ artisans with high quality cotton thread. Their ancient pre-hispanic techniques of cultivating and treating cotton have been passed through generation to generation.

Immerse yourself in the Guatemalan heritage with this handwoven scarf inspired in volcano’s colors and magma activity. Its greyish tones ressemble the stones and ashes of this natural centroamerican landscape.

The organic cotton thread makes this handcrafted scarf extremely warm. Wear it during cold winters to protect your throat and a little bit more loose on autumn breezy days as a fashionable item or outfit accessory. Never miss the chance to innovate with it, since due to its length this scarf can also be used as a practical shawl over your shoulders.

Price: $47.00

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