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Ethical & Artisanal Rug - City View

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If something is missing in your household is this singular handcrafted rug, inspired by our urban structure. Its texture is very particular, achieved by the expertise of Wayil by Algodones Mayas working with natural cotton thread and upcycled denim in Guatemala for more than twenty years.

Simple colors like bone and black make this rustic rug extremely compatible with any type of furniture. The medium sized white fringes are the final termination, granting the carpet an unusual allure. Place it near your fireplace in your living room or beside your bed in your master bedroom, to feel its soft high quality cotton thread on your feet when you wake up.

Should you appreciate the ancient mayan culture and central american approach to modern living, you may use this handmade rug as a wall deco too. Feel free to innovate your decor with it.

  • Dimensions: 60" x 36"

Price: $100.00