Natural Cotton, Timeless Craftsmanship, Sustainable Legacy

At Wayil, our ethical pursuit is to produce objects mindfully rather than consume mindlessly. We are committed and passionate about preserving our environment and the richness of Guatemalan culture. Everything we do is intentional, benefiting both us and our community.

Wayil By Algodones Mayas is a Guatemalan textiles company dedicated to bringing the beauty of handmade products to the world. Our items are handwoven by local artisans using naturally colored cotton, ensuring each piece is unique and authentic. By working with talented artisans, we make a significant local impact, enhancing their quality of life and supporting the growth and prosperity of their communities.



    Every aspect of our production process is conducted with mindfulness and care. This conscious approach enables us to make a significant local impact, enhancing the quality of life for our artisans and supporting the growth and prosperity of their communities.

  • Responsible Materials

    We grow and harvest native pre-Hispanic cotton to design our elegant decorative pieces and accessories. Our cotton fields and production methods demonstrate our dedication and commitment to reducing our negative impact on the environment.

  • Ethical Handmade

    We are proud to have built an artisan network consisting of nearly 300 talented Guatemalan artisans. Our ethos revolves around empowerment and support, particularly for women. That’s why nearly 80% of our artisans are resilient mothers and daughters, embodying perseverance and dedication in their craft.

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Our Story

Founded in 1994, Algodones Mayas emerged from the shared vision of two remarkable individuals determined to spread the enchantment of handwoven textiles. Our handmade cotton creations not only showcase the artistry of Guatemala's cultural heritage, but also serve as guardians of its precious land, preserving its natural colors and motifs.

"This dream was conceived by my mother, Maria Luz Gonzalez, who, alongside my father, Horacio Villavicencio, envisioned a way to honor the ancestral brown hues of Mayan cotton used in traditional clothing. Together, they fused their dreams and aspirations into the creation of Algodones Mayas."